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"VREDE" in Dutch means in a state of peace. Trust us, when we say like its name, it really has the potential to bring your troubled skin to peace. Vrede is a lightweight extremely fast absorbing healing overnight Oil elixir, that works great for Oily/Acne-prone/ Inflamed/Troubled or congested skin. VREDE, unlike heavy/greasy facial oils, is an extraordinary feather-light Serum in facial oil handcrafted with the most exotic, luxurious & therapeutic cold pressed and essential oils sourced directly from their countries of Origin. 'VREDE" stars Oils of  "BLUE TANSY" & "ROSE" which are highly valued for their skin-transforming properties making it an extremely precious concoction. Besides, BLUE TANSY & ROSE, "VREDE" also features Cold pressed oils of ARGAN, PERILLA, TAMANU, BLACK SEED & Essential Oils of MYRRH, CARROT SEED & BERGAMOT. This Synergistic blend helps to REDUCE ACNE & RELATED INFLAMMATION & REDNESS while also SOFTENING SCARS, ELIMINATING BLACKHEADS/WHITEHEADS and BALANCING OIL PRODUCTION. 


"VREDE" works throughout the night to deliver visibly clearer, calmer, balanced & Healthier skin .



Ideal For :


-Normal to Oily Skin

-Acne breakouts

-Congested Pores 

-Prevention and Care of Post Acne Scars




Quick absorbing, Lightweight , No Greasy, Oil Serum.



Floral, Herbaceous, Calming.



-Lightweight, Quick absorbing.

-Non Sticky.

-Non Comedogenic

-Rich in chamazulene, Antioxidants, Essential Fatty acids, Vitamins A, C, E. 

-Exhibits Anti-inflammatory, Anti-Bacterial and Anti -allergic properties due to the presence of vital therapeutic oils.