Away from the chaos, Into the woods,  We took our first step.  Few moments in solitude amongst the nature which is the purest form of inner peace, gave an understanding of how wonderful the universe is, providing solutions to every single problem. Feeling the cool breeze and filling ourselves with its pure thoughts, we wanted to bring the rawness of nature on board.  Having studied herbalism and science of organic skincare formulation,  being a cystic acne sufferer herself, with a motto to bring a difference in the lives of those struggling with certain skin concerns by presenting a more holistic approach, the lady behind, Subah Chhabra, started this beloved portal on June, 2019 as - Raw Concoctions.  Skin is triggered with many issues like hormonal imbalances, wrong pick of the products, sensitivity as such.  Trying out every alternate remedy to achieve a flawless complexion is becoming a growing concern. But most of the skincare products are being stuck within the handcuffs of potentially harmful parabens, sulfates and synthetic fragrance. Do they really help our skin? Or is it just another overnight shift which's going to last for just over that night?   First and foremost, love your skin as the way it is. Understand the skin type, pick up products that would suit your skin-type, follow a proper and regular skincare regime, do not forget to have a balanced diet as the intake is what reflects out. And most of all, consistency is the key.    Believing nature is a biggest healer, we put heart and soul into every single product of ours which is indeed a manifestation from this magical universe, that is ultimately reflected as the best outcome to our dear clients.   Quality over quantity is what we prefer. Not even in the tiniest forms do we make any actions that might harm our Ecosystem including a plastic free packaging and also, voicing against animal testing.   Step with us and nurture your mind, body and soul as a whole with the freshness of the ingredients to feel nature's purity bottled up as our Raw Concoctions.   We, hereby, heartily welcome y'all to be a part of our family, embracing all of those perfect imperfections and bringing out the best version of yourself, with our Raw Concoctions - Nature inspired skincare