The Lady Behind

Subah Chhabra is the founder of RAW CONCOCTIONS. 

“RAW CONCOCTIONS” which simply means blending everything in its original state. There are thousands of brands out there selling  natural or ayurvedic skincare products or atleast claiming to. This may make you wonder how is RAW CONCOCTIONS any different? 


let me answer this for you. It all began with something as normal as acne. Wait , is it really normal for someone battling with it? The answer is NO! It’s NOT! 

When I was in my early adulthood, my friends would tell me how good my skin looked, thanks to the genes. They say you don’t realise how important something is unless it’s gone. That’s exactly what happened with me. I was incredibly indifferent about taking care of my skin until I realised, that small bump on one side of my face that I never really bothered about was actually an indication of something worse. Alas! I woke up with dreadful cystic acne all over my face one day. It was extremely bad & had taken a total toll on my confidence. I refrained from stepping out of my house or even meeting my friends. From consulting a Number of dematologists, from oral to topical medications, & various skin treatments I had left no stone unturned in my endeavour to get rid of my acne. I once saw something called a herbal soap sitting on the shelf of a supermarket & it caught my eye. It claimed to combat acne & related marks. I didn’t bother to read the ingredients or even pick it up but for the next few days I kept thinking if natural remedies were worth a shot? And I was on a run. I researched day and night to find the perfect natural solution to my acne , I talked to experts, read various books and started studying herbalism and aromatherapy which deepened my knowledge about Herbs & Oils  best suited for various skin conditions. Honestly, when I first switched to a natural skincare routine, my skin purged before it got any better , but it was okay, I knew that my skin was bringing all the trapped grime & toxins to the surface , preparing to bid it goodbye forever. Weeks later, My skin started to get better, I was gaining back my confidence, my stress related dark circles and hairfall was ceasing and I was becoming the best version of myself. It was only then I realised that nature really holds the power  to comfort & soothe ones mind, body & soul.  

Being a fond traveller I was amazed to see how plant based skincare was appreciated and valued by people all around the world, and hailing from the land of miracles (India) where traditional and plant based healing has been an indispensable part of mankind since times immemorial inspired me to advance my learnings in herbalism & Formulating Natural Skin/Body care products. I wanted to make a difference in the lives of those who were battling with certain skin or Hair conditions & were willing to take a more natural & holistic approach towards their regimen and thats how RAW CONCOCTIONS was born in June, 2019.

At RAW CONCOCTIONS, we believe that nature possesses the ability to heal almost anything, all it needs from you is a little faith & patience in her. We strive to bring you the best quality ethically sourced natural & organic ingredients in a bottle, with no toxins, fragrances, colors , sulfates or parabens added. RAW CONCOCTIONS for us is not merely a business but a medium of spreading Hope, Love, strength & a message that whatever it is that you’re going through, open your heart & Arms, embrace the beauty & power of nature and she will not disappoint you. 


Subah Anirudh Choudhary 

Founder, Raw Concoctions.