• At Raw Concoctions, we are more than just achieving clear skin , we prioritise on outer as well as inner well being for a healthy, lively skin that radiates from within.

  • Having imperfections should no way be an insecurity. We encourage you to realise the mystical self healing powers of your body & embrace yourself.

  • We walk with you in this journey of self love, acceptance & Gratitude delivering concoctions that harness the beauty of Mother Earth, & the entire Universe, with love.

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At RAW CONCOCTIONS, we believe that your body has possesses the ability to self heal almost anything, when you align your body's enrgies with those of the Nature, showing faith & patience in her. We at RAW CONCOCTIONS are deeply connected to our Mother Earth and strive to bring you Minimal yet effective skincare and well being products that harness the energies of Herbs, roots, flowers, infusions, decoctions, crystals handcrafted with Love & Intent.

RAW CONCOCTIONS for us is not merely a business but a medium of spreading Hope, Love, strength & a message that whatever it is that you’re going through, open your heart & Arms, embrace the beauty & power of nature and she will not disappoint you. 


Subah Anirudh Choudhary 

Founder, Raw Concoctions.

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